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Name:Chester A. Bum
Birthdate:Feb 8
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
I am not really Chester A. Bum or the man who plays him, Douglas Darien Walker. This journal is for humor purposes only. To see the work of the real Chester/Doug, check out Bum Reviews and other video series at I am not in any way affiliated with the running or creation of anything on said website.

Interests (64):

acid, alcohol, aliens, avgn vs nostalgia critic, bottles of pepsi, bozo the clown, bum fighting, bum man, bum reviews, burn after reading, cans, cans of spinach, cans of tuna, change!, cocaine, coraline, crack, crystal meth, day earth stood still, destroying things, doug, drugs, famous theme songs, fitting in, follow that bird, friends, garbage, get smart, green women, hancock, hellboy 2, hooray!, indiana jones, kung-fu panda, marijuana, monkeys, mormonism, movies, nostalgia critic, not citizen kane!, pie, pizza boxes, prince caspian, richard nixon, russian dominatrixes, sex and the city, speed racer, spoilers, star trek, submarine rights, summarizing, tap dancing aardvarks, terminator salvation, the dark knight, the incredible hulk, the neverending story, tuques, twilight, up, wall-e, warm warm buildings, watchmen, wolverine, x-files
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